This course is directed to every human being and all the humanity, regardless their beliefs or religions.

It aims to teach how to Ascend, how to get to the Mastery, turning ourselves ascensed even here, in body.

This course hás 5 levels where, step by step, everything is taught in order to reach the Mastery, making that we become a real God in Action.

The first level has the purpose to let masks, lies, fears, superstitions, etc. fall and emphasizes the Truth of our Essence of the Planet.

For this help, it was given by the Ascensed Masters, one work which will be obligatory in the first level and will be accomplished, during 2 months, with beweekly meetings.

The only exigency is done by the personnal presence of each one in the day of teaching of the level in question, where it will be delivered the manual, (made by the Masters) and the Work for study and accomplishment.
In the preceding day, each person must be prepared, by not eating meat, not drinking alcohol, coffee and without making sex.

Once in the first level, each one Will be connected to an energetic channel with the Masters which will follow you from then on.

The Masters themselves will make it through the authorized channel.

Until the third level, all of you can get in, but from the fourth level on, even having the wish to ingress (followers of Ascension), only with the Masters authorization they will be able to continue and go on.

This authorization will be given by the Masters, because only Them will know if they are prepared to continue.

In case of not being yet, the person must "maturate" what is still missing and wait for the next time.

After this level it will be the 5th, and last one, a level where there will be transmited all the precepts and authorization for that the person by his own, give Courses and becomes Master of the School.

This way, following this, each one will free their “difficult” lives, their karma, becoming a being with a completely different reality plenty of abundance in all senses, until to get to the point of “thought, got it” without having to pray for your needs.

Lets everybody join forces, to become this humanity in Real God here in Earth.

Very much is said about ascension, but all the totality of humanity does not know its real meaning.

By a request of the Ascensed Masters, in July of 2009, I was called to manage the “Ascension School” and as a channel that I AM, I received all the information to make it.

It was explained to me the reason of this need in the planet and knowing that is is a work for a higher good, I immediately accepted, without knowing what would become after this acception.

There is nothing of my ego in this process, only the will of my heart of going ahead.

All the matters were given by Them teaching me until where I could receive some texts to show in the manuals.

The 5 levels were chosen by Them, the songs, the intervals, the way of teaching, the days of preceding prepare, the cure, and so on…

This course prepares any person, regardless his beliefs or religions, so the Source is only one.

Becoming free from all the currents, jails, prisons, ills, superstitions, fears, so... evry kind of unecessary suffering, they become completely free beings and ready to enter in the new world to enjoy everything they could not have seen until now.

There is freedom and essence recognition exercise, so the cure process, is for myself recognized as one of the strongest I have known until now.

I guarantee you that it will hurt to know the truth, but the total freedom is, really, the higher reward every human being can acquire.

After this process and step by stepin each level, you obtain an inner knowledge in a way that you become real incarnate Gods getting to realize your miracles just in time.

What else could I say about something that comes from the source?


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Helena da Fonseca


I have a Project that, in 2010, can realize a Course of Ascension also in Brazil!

I would like so much to receive e-mails from Brazilian brothers, interested to make the course, putting the city where you live in order that I can organize myself in a way to attend the place which show more interest.

The first level of the course is one day last, the second level, 2 days.

Next Courses:



September, 25th, 2010, at 9:00 o'clock
Rotunda da Exponor
Leça da Palmeira
1st Level of the Ascension School

2nd Stage of the Saint Spirit Consagration
(1st level of the Ascension School)




Place: Sitio Natureza Sanadora (pousada e espaço holístico) -
Emails:  ou
Jussimara, phone: (051) 92681990.

October, 8th - 7 o’clock PM

1st Stage of the Saint Spirit Consagration (Cure with Metatron)
(in case of having interested people I will repeat this cure on October, 10th)

October, 9th - 9 o’clock AM

2nd level part A
at 9 o’clock PM
Cerimony and party of the openning of the Gate 10/10/10

10 de Outubro October, 10th
Às 9.00 Horas at 9 o’clock AM

1st Level of the Ascension School (It is not possible to make the 2nd level immediately)
at 8 o’clock PM

1st Stage of Saint Spirit Consagration (Cure with Metatron)
(In case of having interested people I will repeat this cure)


Place: Rua Bruno Disterman, 232
Bairro Boa Saude- Novo Hamburgo
Emails:  or
Neida, phone number: (051) 35879864 / 96692227.

October, 11th
1st Stage of Saint Spirit Consagration (Cure with Metatron)


Place: Alto da Lapa
October, 16th
at 9 o’clock AM
2nd Stage of the Ascension School (Its not possible to make the 2nd stage immediately)

at 8 o‘clock PM
1st Stage of the Saint Spirit Consagration

October, 17th
at 9 o’clock AM
1st Level of the Ascension School (It is not possible to make immediatelly the 2nd level)


Place: By confirming
Helena da Fonseca:
Lúcia de Brasilia:

6 de Novembro November, 6th

at 9 o’clock AM
1st Level of the Ascension School
(It is not possible to make immediatelly the 2nd level)

- November, 7th
at 4 o’clock PM
1st Stage of the Saint Spirit Consagration


November, 13th
at 4 o’clock PM
1st Stage of the Saint Spirit Consagration

November, 14th
at 9 o’clock AM
1st Level of the Ascension School

Information and Contact::



Cure with Archangel Michael and Metatron.

In this day there are cut all the pacts, associations, prisons, ties or anything that can be obstructing the solution of your life situations.

2nd STAGE:

1ST Level of the Ascension School

I want to make it clear that you do not have to follow the Ascension School.
This level is only obligatory, because it is of freedom from beliefs, fears, superstitions, lies and mistakes about the Earth Planet itself and mankind, and overall to recognize who you are.
At least, to take off the mask from yourself. In this level everything is clarified and shown, so the mask will fall down. The mind will be free from prisons.


Consecration to Saint Spirit

In this stage the person is consecrated to Saint Spirit.

There will be na individual analysis to each one to know IF there still hás something to clean, in order to receive the Saint Spirit.

This contact and overture is very important, because, from this moment on, each one will be consecrated, his sacred fire. And in the right time, each one will receive the Saint Spirit.


E-mail sent in June, 20th, 2010, by a participant of the course of the Ascension School.


I Don`t know why my name was suggested for later works.
However, I can testify that even during the cerimony of invocation, my breathing ways were benefited by a cleaning that benefited my voice which against was used, it was tired and weak, was fluent and strong, for my surprise, and is kept this way until now.

In December of 1999, inexplicably, I woke up with no vision in my right eye. Throughout these 10/11 years I had some improvement, but yesterday, on Metatrons cure the improvements were much more accented. Today, I almost see completely the letters of my computer keyboard.

My soles of my feet, near the two fingers of the center, were suffering with a kind of troublesome formication. Since after Metatron`s cure it has disappeared, I would say absolutely, so I have made an effort to remember the place that had been suffered and in this moment that troublesome formication sensation disappeared.

I recognized thank to Metatron and the Masters that were present.
Stay with my wishes of higher Succes in Peace and Harmony.

With the Light Embrace
Eduardo João"

A Message from Archangel Michael
Channelized by Helena da Fonseca
Portugal, August 12th, 2010 at 10.15 PM

There are finishing the days of distress for all of you humans, you are all walking straight to a reality plan of higher balance, of peace and abundance.
Sure that this reality can come faster ou slower depending on each one of you. Depending of your delivery, of your union with us.
Everything is becoming to realize in the landing plan, averything is returning to its right order and everything will return to its first source, which is pure and divine !
The source is only one, independently of the beliefs in which you can be in. Your abundance does not depend of your spiritual reality, because being in which evolution you are, you will evolve still more, so the prison times are already in the end !
August is in its end and September will open great spherical doors to etherically open more and more gates, so they come to their real proportion in October of this year, in the date we all know.
A well-being to whom will have the privilege to be able to ascend in body, in physical body its self gate.
A well-being to whom prepares himself to be able to receive the Heaven`s blesses in order to share with everybody the energies that will be noticed in these overtures.
If each one of you want, will be really able to have one gate in your home.
Do you think it is difficult ?
So, ask to the True, that it happens and, if you will be in your conscious prepared for this overture, you will have one, yes!
Many people think the gates only open where there are destinates energetic sources. But this is not the thuth. Every one can have his own gate and can share it and activate it in the calling hours.
Sure that, and I reaffirm, that each one must be aware of what there will have later in the hands, this bless, is only one reward from the High, saying in other words :
"We are prepared, to offer you what you deserve.
And you, are ready to receive?"
In this discover of awareness, I appeal to everyone, so that study your heart, your spirit, your mind and conscious to know if they are prepared to ask this bless !
So, as you know that the planet has urgency for more and more energy and that, more than ever, needs defense, lets all of us raise our hearts (including, we Archangels and the others) in order that can be made the great Blesses in Earth.
With more and more opened gates, with aware and fullness, everything will be easier and the planet will be able to give its round of reality much faster!
This was only this appeal, my beloved angels that you are, which I wanted to send you, together with all of the Kingdom of the Light, so that we help each other for the planet saver in relation to the hierarchies that are against our essence.
I baptism every one in Name of the Sacred Saint Spirit
I Am, and will always be, the Michael of the Defense for the Peace and Love